Lindsey Optics Brilliant Rota-Pol 4 x 5.65 Rotating Polarizer

The Lindsey Optics Brilliant2 1 Stop Rota-Pol is a circular polarizer that fits in 4×5.65” cine matte boxes and allows simple and effective rotation of the included 138mm Round 1 Stop Brilliant-Pol Circular Polarizer.

Our 1 Stop Pols absorb less light than our standard polarizers. When it’s the end of the day and you’re losing the light, the 1 stop loss allows control of reflections in difficult lighting conditions.

Large Diameter Clear Aperture

The included 138mm diameter Brilliant-Pol circular polarizer gives a large 5.2″ clear aperture. The large size of this rotating polarizer is useful even with wide angle lenses and large zoom lenses. It is noticeably more useful than other rotapola filters that use 4.5″ diameter polarizers.

Geared Rotating Tray for Quick and Sure No-Slip Rotation

The 138mm Circular Polarizer is mounted in a geared rotating filter tray using one stage in 4×5.65″ matte boxes.

Rotation of the polarizer can be done by spinning either of the two geared thumb wheels by hand or with a motor mounted on the ¼ 20 thread in the handle.

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