Hoya Infrared R72 77mm

HOYA R72 Infrared is a filter specifically designed for infrared photography, offering a remarkable opportunity to showcase the world from an entirely new perspective. When mounted on your lens, it effectively blocks all visible light, permitting only infrared rays above 720 nm to penetrate. The results are nothing short of surreal, particularly when capturing verdant landscapes or architecture. In these scenarios, the filter dramatically transforms the lush greenery into delicate hues of white, while the sky adopts a profound and evocative blue tone.

Images captured in the infrared spectrum are a captivating and unique alternative to traditional photography, offering a wealth of untapped creative opportunities for advanced artists seeking extraordinary experiences. The R72 Infrared filter unlocks a vast array of possibilities for experimenting with imagery, enabling the creation of diverse aesthetics. From delicate pastel compositions to striking and abstract masterpieces, this filter empowers artists to explore uncharted artistic territories.

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