Kolari Vision UV_IR Cut Color Correcting Hot Mirror Filter 77mm

Also known as a lowpass filter or UV/IR cut filter, our UV/IR Cut Color Correcting Hot Mirror Filter blocks infrared light and some UV, and allows a full spectrum converted camera to take normal pictures. Our hot-mirror filters include an anti-reflective corrosion resistant coating, which reduces artifacts and increases durability of the filter in humid regions.

This is the first filter designed specifically for use with a full spectrum or two spectrum converted camera and was designed with a similar transmission of the hotmirror filters that cameras normally employ. Because of its design, it allows for normal use of the camera with all of the regular white balance presets still working. You will notice the color of this filter is blue, unlike other hotmirror filters that are clear. This is a good thing, the original lowpass filters found in cameras are this same shade of blue, this is a visual confirmation that the filter is blocking the same wavelengths.

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