RED Komodo

RED KOMODO 6K is the latest innovative product in RED’s long line of image capture technology. RED’s newest member is a compact and very powerful cinema camera.

It features RED cinematic image quality, amazing color and technology so users can take their camera anywhere and adapt it to any shooting scenario.

RED Komodo new sensor is a 6K S35 global shutter sensor that breaks technical ground by eliminating the need to sacrifice dynamic range while meeting RED’s standard of unmatched images without any creative or technical compromises.

The RED KOMODO features a built-in Canon RF-style mount, which allows users the flexibility to use numerous different lens adapters, such as Canon EF, PL and Leica M mount, providing maximum flexibility to achieve the look of your choice.

The camera has a DC IN power port that can also be powered with two Canon BP style batteries.

Whether you’re working on a large multi-camera film production or you’re a motion content creator, KOMODO will fit the needs of your work.

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