KOMODO-X is the latest addition to the KOMODO family, offering improved frame rates, dynamic range, and usability compared to the original KOMODO. It features a 6K S35 Global Shutter sensor with enhanced detail and color in shadows, as well as double the frame rates at 6K 80P and 4K 120P. The camera has also undergone a redesign with key improvements to its architecture.

In terms of body and I/O, KOMODO-X shares many features with the DSMC3 line while maintaining its small form factor. It has an integrated micro V-Lock for attaching professional batteries, a reinforced RF lens mount, and various ports for professional workflows. It also has IP connectivity for remote control and media offloading, as well as support for live broadcasting of 6K images.

Dynamic Range: 16.5+ stops
Recording Formats: REDCODE RAW
Audio Inputs: Internal Mic
Shutter: Global
Battery Mount / Type: V Mount
Media Type: CFexpress Type B
Sensor: CMOS
Weight: 0-2kg
Wi-Fi: Yes

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