Profoto OCF Softbox 3″ (90cm) Octa with grid

The OCF Softbox Octa is a versatile and convenient tool for creating soft and flattering light. With color-coded rods and fixed diffusers, it is designed for quick and easy setup. Made with high-quality fabrics, it is also lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport in a labeled soft bag. However, an OCF Speedring (sold separately) is required for use, and an optional softgrid can be added for even more precise light shaping.

Specifically designed for people photography, the OCF Softbox 3 feet Octa is ideal for use with off-camera flashes. Its unique circular shape creates a natural-looking catch-light in the subject’s eye, and also produces equally soft or hard edges on all sides. It is important to note that this softbox is only compatible with Profoto off-camera flashes with LED modeling lights, and cannot be used with monolights or standard heads.

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