BEBOB V150 Micro V-Mount Batteries

Considering their extraordinary compact dimensions, the new bebob micro batteries deliver an almost unbelievable performance – as you can expect from a bebob battery:

• USB and Twist D-Tap outputs
• Maximum discharge current 10A
• Supports power data protocol from ARRI, RED and SONY
• Built-in flashlight
• Made in Germany


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Mountmicro VMount
Capacity10,2Ah; 150Wh
CellsLi-Ion trimix made in Japan
Max. Discharge Current16,0A
Twist D-TAP1 (max. 5,0A)
USB-Port1 (5,0V; max.1,0A)
Fuel Gauge5-step LED
Dimensions (WxHxD)75x101x65mm
Warranty1 Year 70% Capacity
Chargersbebob, IDX, Sony
Charge Time (bebob VS2/VS4)3 Hours

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