BEBOB V98 Micro V-Mount Batteries

The Bebob V98micro V-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery is a durable and reliable power source for cameras. With a capacity of 14.4V / 6.6Ah / 95Wh and a maximum discharge current of 10.0A, it is suitable for use with ARRI, RED, and SONY cameras. The battery is designed to withstand falls of up to 1.5m, and in case of damage, the modular concept allows for easy replacement of mechanical parts. Additionally, the battery can be re-celled in the Bebob factory after years of use, at a lower cost than purchasing a new one.

One unique feature of Bebob batteries is the Twist D-Tap, a rainproof socket that allows for flexible cable trailing from either the left or right. The battery also includes a USB port for charging other devices, and a status alarm to indicate when the batterys capacity has decreased. All Bebob products are fully certified, ensuring compliance with legal regulations. The Bebob Mini batteries also have an integrated LED flashlight, making it easier to find and use in dark places.

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