Shape Telescopic Handles Arri Rosette

The Telescopic Handles with ARRI Rosettes from SHAPE are versatile and convenient accessories for cameras and camera support hardware. These handles are compatible with ARRI rosettes, making them easy to attach and adjust. With a single red ratchet knob, you can quickly and easily adjust the handles to your desired position. Additionally, the handles come with a SHAPE BLOC for compatibility with both 15 and 19mm rods, allowing for even more versatility.

These handles offer 8 points of adjustment, ensuring stability and precision while filming. The ergonomic design includes rubber handgrips for a comfortable and secure grip. The patented SHAPE QUICK HANDLE technology allows for fast adjustments, while the individual rotation on a 360° axis allows for precise positioning. Made with CNC machined parts and hard anodised aluminium, these handles are durable and resistant. They also come with a stainless steel locking mechanism for added durability.

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