P. Angenieux Paris 45-90mm F/2.8 for Leica R

Introduced in 1969, this lens was designed by Angenieux for the Leitz Leicaflex SLR camera. This was the first zoom offered for this camera system and it covers the 135/FF (36x24mm) format and it´s a Parfocal Lens.

This lens is an excellent match to some oldest lenses like Baltars, Super Baltars, Kowa Prominars, TLS Canon Rangefinder, and Cooke Speed Panchros. It has single layer coatings that flare beautifully, has medium contrast, with good center sharpness, and gentle fall off. It also has surprising low CA for a lens its age. Bokeh is smooth, and never busy, making this a beautiful portrait lens with a really nice range especially for full frame sensors.

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