Nanlite Softbox Lantern 120cm Forza Series

Soft Even and Omni-directional Light

The LT-120 lantern softbox with the globe shaped for omni-directional lighting for small, medium and large areas.

270 degree of lighting to raise the ambient illumination, creates the soft even lighting effect, perfect for portraits, commercial photography and videography.

Standard Bowens Mount

The lantern softbox LT-80 have the standard Bowens mount that suitable for the Forza 200,300 and Forza 500 Spot light, and also compatible with other fixtures which has the Bowens Mount.

Quick Setup Design

with the quick-open design, it can be opened and be ready to use in mere seconds. Saving the time for the user and convenience for move wherever fast.

Skirt set to Control the Light Beam Spread

Comes with the skirt set, made of the durable materials and can be helpful to control the beam spread.

**Compatible with: **Forza 200, Forza 300/300B, Forza 500, FS Series, and other fixtures with Bowens mount.

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