Leofoto VD02

This Leofoto VD-02 monopod base is intended to be used in combination with monopods that have a 3/8 screw inlet at the lower end.
The base is made of lightweight, very solid aluminum, with rubber ends at the ends of the legs.
The legs located on the Leofoto VD-02 monopod base fold up by pressing the individual button. To open just pull until they lock automatically.
In the lower part it has a 3/8 screw lined with rubber that will make friction control over the upper ball joint.
Located at the top is a mini ball head. It has a 3 cm diameter thread with a comfortable grip that allows you to secure the monopod in a vertical position or free it for a smooth movement.
It can support a weight of up to 6 Kg suitable for most combinations of cameras and lenses.


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