Manfrotto 420CSU Boom Stand

The Combi-Boom Stand is a versatile and user-friendly tool that can be used as a standard light stand or a boom. With just a few simple movements, it can easily convert from one function to the other. It also comes with a counterweight sandbag for added stability and features a spring loading arm for precise height adjustment. The double leg bracing ensures extra stability, making it perfect for any studio work.

This stand is designed for small spaces and is easy to transport with its removable base and sliding feet. The lockable wheels allow for effortless movement and steady positioning. Despite its compact size, it is strong enough to hold multiple lights at once. With a diameter of 35mm and a maximum height of 392cm, it offers plenty of creative possibilities for any studio shoot. Weighing only 5.6kg, it is lightweight yet can hold a maximum payload of 12kg, making it a reliable and practical tool for any photographer or videographer.

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