Leofoto Manba LVM-324C + BV-15 Head

The Leofoto LVM-324C Video Tripod features flip leg locks, twist swap rubber feet/spikes, and an integrated 75mm video bowl with leveling half ball adapter, making it faster and easier to use. It also features 3 accessory mounting sockets including 1/4″, 3/8″ and a QD mounting socket for QD straps and accessories.

The included Leofoto BV-15 Fluid Video Head is an affordable and professional grade fluid head with drag control on both pan, and tilt to ensure smooth operation. Suitable for birding photography and videography. The head pans 360°, is indexed for repeatability, and has a tilt range of 90 to 75°. Likewise, the camera platform is indexed, making it fast and easy to rebalance your setup on the head. Two bubble levels (on the pan base and one on the camera platform) allow you to confirm your head is level. Handle mounting rosettes allow you to mount the included pan handle to either side of the head for operator comfort, and individual pan and tilt locks provide security when you need to either only tilt or pan.

Leofoto LVM-324C Tripod + BV-15 Fluid Head:
Max. height: 1780mm / 70.08 in
Min. height: 270mm / 10.63 in
Folded length: 710mm / 27.95 in
Leg Section: 4
Max load: 10kg / 22.05 lbs
Weight: 3.3kg / 7.27 lbs
Tubes: 32/28/25/22mm

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