Hoya 82mm Variable ND II Filter

The HOYA Variable Density II filter is a versatile tool for photographers and videographers looking to add creative effects to their work. By reducing shutter speed, this filter allows for motion blurring effects, such as capturing the movement of water, people, or vehicles. It also enables the use of wider apertures to decrease depth-of-field, creating a more focused subject. With a convenient density knob and scale, the filter can be easily adjusted to achieve the desired effect.

In addition, the HOYA Variable Density II filter is available in various sizes and is compatible with a wide range of lenses. It is particularly useful for video and cine cameras with limited shutter-speed ranges, allowing them to film in bright lighting conditions and achieve a cinematic look. To ensure the best results with slow shutter speeds, it is recommended to use a tripod. This upgraded version of the original Variable Density filter offers improved operation and precision, making it a valuable addition to any photographer or videographers toolkit.

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