Helios 40_2N 85mm f1.5

Helios 40_2N 85mm f1.2 for Nikon F mount.

Helios 40-2 lens is a heavy-duty beast that can withstand harsh elements and deliver stunning, artistic results. The stepless, 10-blade aperture make adjustments a snap, and the combination of an 85 mm lens and f/1.5 provide the speed necessary for an extremely shallow depth of field. This means the Helios 40-2 is excellent for portrait photography, isolating the subject from the background to deliver stunning detail. There is also a unique spinning bokeh effect that can be achieved by the Helios lens when the foreground subject is in intense focus that can make it seem almost as if the background were swirling. Simply put, there just aren’t many other 85 mm lenses that can match the Helios lens in terms of artistic output.

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