Film Cart Smart One XL with Off Road Wheels

SMARTONE XL Upgraded Plus with height adjustment system
Smartone Upgraded Plus is our biggest double deck cart that can be used as a workstation or to transport equipment.
Built-in frame makes construction durable.
New top shelf with one collapsible wall provides comfortable conditions while working with a computer. Folding is very easy and takes only seconds.
Height adjustment system allows you to change height of top shelf in range from 70,5cm to 91,5cm with regular wheels and from 75cm to 96cm with off-road wheels, with 3cm in-between stages.
Adjusting is easy and does not require any tools.
Handles with built-in pipe holders make construction thougher and allow to install ball mount directly on the pipe.
Smartone XL Upgraded Plus is super easy to fold, requires no tools to attach or remove any part of the cart and can be ready to work on in less than 2 minutes.
220mm or 260mm diameter wheels fits inside the folded cart.

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