Avenger I1031 Floppy Cutter 48”x48”

The Avenger I1031 Floppy Cutter is a 48 x 48 in/122 x 122 cm square flag made using black commando fabrics. Floppies are Cutters made with an additional piece of fabric, which is fixed with Velcro and can be unfolded, becoming twice its original size.
Flags are designed to control light whether the light is natural or artificial. Flags are used to control spill from other lights or keep light from hitting areas where light is not wanted on sets, in studio or on location.
The built in 3/8 in/10 mm mounting pin allows for easy connection to Avenger grip heads, grip arms and others I.e.D200B, D500B Flags are a great tool that can be used to protect cameras and lens from unwanted flare too! All Avenger flags, floppies and cutters are made using a strong webbing all around the frame to protect the edges from wear and the frames are a black powder coated mild steel.

  • Floppy Cutter 122 x 122 cm/48 x 48” square flag
  • Floppies are similar to cutters but w/additional hinged fabric
  • 10 mm/ 3/8” mounting pin for easy connection to grip heads
  • Strong webbing around frame for added durability.
  • Additional fabric is hinged on the 122 cm/48” side

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