Angenieux 28mm f3.5 Retrofocus R11 PL Mount

Pierre Angenieux was a pioneer in the early zoom and Retrofocus lenses. The latter allowed for wide-angle lenses to be mounted on SLR’s . Previous wide-angle lenses required the rear element to be very close to the film plane to achieve the wide field of view. This meant that wide-angle lenses were only compatible with rangefinder camera’s. As they didt not have a reflex mirror. The Angenieux  28mm F3.5 lens is one of the first retrofocus lenses and was introduced in 1953.

Maker : P.Angenieux Paris.

Mount: PL mount.

Optical design: 6 elements in 6 groups

Type: Retrofocus wide-angle lens.

Aperture : Pre-set

Closest focusing distance: 0,6m

Filter size: Ø 58mm.

Dimensions: 62x59mm

Weight: 335 gram.

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