O´Connor AC Bag

About the OConnor AC Bag
The Camera Assistant Bag is designed for easy transportation and can fit into a standard Peli 1620 Protector Case for shipping. It also features multiple D-rings that allow for customizable carry straps, such as the ‘Sherpa-style’ for evenly distributing weight. The bag’s interior can be shaped to fit your needs with seven adjustable heavy-duty dividers, providing a designated place for all your camera equipment, from tools to lenses.
This bag is built to withstand the elements, with a tough, high-quality construction including water-resistant material and seamless linings. Its unique hinged lid and liner allow for easy access to your gear without compromising its protection. The bag also features clear mesh pockets, a slate pocket, and a business card holder for convenience. With additional fixing points, including a leather strap and D rings, the bag can also be carried sherpa-style or with rucksack straps for heavier loads. Its durable materials and dividers make it a reliable choice for on-set gear storage and transportation.
Quality materials, including internal double skin waterproofing to 1.2M / 4ft column of water, tough wipeable waterproof outer fabric and zips and genuine leather strap and handles. Five heavy-duty dividers with double sided velcro fixings. The dividers are designed to also securely tie down all Oconnor heads and accessories inside the bag. They offer additional elasticated fixing points for pan bars, Arri plates etc. There are two right-angled dividers for fixing additional accessories. Another fixing point on the back of bag for a pouch that helps when using the bag on set. The bag fits into standard Pelicase 1620.


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